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Personal Insolvency

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Personal Insolvency

We are able to advise on all matters where insolvency may be a consideration. Advice is confidential and in the first instance, free of charge.

Many people in debt believe, quite incorrectly, that their financial situation is beyond help. They may also be reluctant to seek advice because they are ashamed as to the cause of their indebtedness. At HSBR we don't make value judgements about our clients and we will always provide advice based upon your best interests.

Where a client is able to make reasonable monthly payments to creditors or some other satisfactory settlement of his liabilities, we can prepare and implement an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA). This would enable a client to avoid Bankruptcy and pay his debts in full, or part, over a number of years.

If Bankruptcy is unavoidable, we can advise on the various implications of Bankruptcy, both for the client himself and also for associates and relatives who may be affected by the proceedings.

Where Bankruptcy has already occurred, we are able to evaluate whether an Annulment of the Bankruptcy is appropriate and whether an Individual Voluntary Arrangement with a client's creditors is a viable alternative procedure.

In order to maintain cost at a minimum, we are prepared to negotiate informal schemes of arrangement, if only a small number of creditors are involved.

We will also advise if assistance from other professionals is required (e.g. Solicitors, Accountants or Financiers) or if we believe that an Insolvency Procedure is not appropriate to a client's circumstances.