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Our Personal Insolvency Services

If you are an individual, partnership or operating as a sole trader business and are experiencing financial difficulties there are many ways in which our experienced team will be able to help you. We are very aware of the distress that financial hardship can cause you, your family and your associates, and will offer our support throughout as we work with you to find the most appropriate solution to your financial problems.

Bankruptcy or personal insolvency can occur when an individual, or an individual operating a business as a sole trader, or as part of a partnership, cannot meet their personal liabilities (debts) as they fall due.

If an individual is able to make reasonable monthly payments to creditors or can propose an alternative means of addressing their liabilities, an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) can be a viable alternative to bankruptcy.

We can advise on all matters where bankruptcy or an IVA may be a consideration.

Our advice is confidential and in the first instance free of charge.

A Trustee in Bankruptcy or Supervisor of an IVA must be a licensed Insolvency Practitioner.

individual voluntary arrangement (iva)

An IVA is an agreement with an individual’s creditors which can be used to avoid bankruptcy.

We will work with you, your accountants, and any other advisors to ensure that we have all the information we need to prepare a viable arrangement which will be attractive to your creditors. We are experienced at negotiating with creditors ranging from HMRC, banks, mortgage holders and other lenders, to your suppliers both personal and trade. We will manage the process of gaining the approval of your IVA from your creditors.

Once an IVA is agreed between you and your creditors we will normally also act as the Supervisor of your IVA. As Supervisor we are responsible for collecting and distributing the funds that you pay to us in line with the terms of your IVA. Our duties include ensuring that you meet the terms of the agreement and reporting to the creditors on the progress of the arrangement. The Arrangement may be in place for several years.


We understand that bankruptcy can be a frightening prospect but used properly it can remove the stress of dealing with your creditors and be the first step back to financial well-being. We can advise on the various implications of bankruptcy both for you and for others who may be affected by the proceedings such as family and business associates.

We can also offer advice to creditors considering using bankruptcy as a means of enforcing their debt.

Annulment of Bankruptcy

Where bankruptcy has already taken place, we can review whether an annulment of the Bankruptcy Order is appropriate and whether an Individual Voluntary Arrangement with your creditors may be a viable alternative.

Whatever your circumstances our team are available to help; full contact details can be found on our contact us page.